“The Pitch”

In 2009 I went to see Missy Higgins play in Cleveland. Despite knowing that I say idiotic things when I’m nervous, I was persuaded to approach her for a photo after the show. She said she blinked. I said I’d Photoshop her eyes open. It was weird for all of us. Years later, I decided that the pinnacle of my career would be to someday work on a video for her. I used that embarrassing experience to create “The Pitch” as an attempt to get Missy’s attention. I knew that there was an almost nonexistent chance that she would ever see it, let alone give me a job because of it, so I was pretty blown away when Missy spotted it on Twitter and wrote to me about potential future work. Several weeks later I was commissioned to create her first officials lyrics video. The lesson here, kids, is that sometimes long shots pay off.

Project Details

Skills : Editor, Director, Motion GFX

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